Pantheon WordPress Cache Plugin - Maintenance Mode trouble / lockout

Hi Community,

Has anybody tried this Pantheon WordPress Cache Plugin’s maintenance mode? Does it work?

I have enabled this setting: “Everyone except Administrators”, located at
Dashboard > Settings > Pantheon Page Cache - Maintenance mode… kept working and signed out when I was done.

I’m now experiencing a complete lockout of my site’s backend, even site admin login from my dashboard.
Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Try again in a minute.

Normally I would access and delete the .maintenance file in the root directory to remedy such an error, but there’s no such file in the root directory (SFTP connection).

Any suggestions or feedback on how to get back into the site’s backend?

Hey! I am sorry to hear you are bumping into issues here! I am going to tag some of our WordPress Engineers & Product Managers to see if they can help you out here!

@chris.reynolds @scott.buscemi can you help point him in the right direction? I have not reproduced, but I’m looking at the code right now (here if you want to follow along) and a couple things jump out at me.

  1. This block right here tells me that you should still be able to access wp-login.php specifically (so, if you’re like me, and you typically just go to /wp-admin/ it might not work, but going directly to should get you a login page.
  2. There is a maintenance-mode WP-CLI command that will probably be most helpful. terminus wp -- <your-site-name>.dev(or your site env) maintenance-mode status will tell you that it’s active (likely) and terminus wp -- <your-site-name>.dev maintenance-mode deactivate should turn it off for you (docs.
  3. If that doesn’t work, it looks like it’s stored in an option (see the check for the option here), so you should be able to delete or overwrite the option some other way.

Hope that helps! Sorry you locked yourself out :sweat_smile:


Thanks @jazzsequence! :star2:

You are the man! That worked, thank you.

From the dashboard, the [Site Admin] login button takes you to a link (…site-name/wp-admin/?nocache-blablabla) = resulted in lockout surprise. Shortened this to …/wp-admin/ as per your point 1, with same lockout result.

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